Olivia Dodds

Project Manager

Olivia is highly skilled in strategic communications, stakeholder engagement and community relations. Her formal qualifications in Public Communication and project work across the public and private sectors have equipped her with strong research, analytical and communications expertise.

Olivia is an effective manager of people, with a strong team ethic. She is able to provide guidance, support and clear direction to team members to ensure project goals are achieved every time.

Olivia has recently undertaken the development and delivery of communications, community consultation and engagement activities for high profile projects, including the Western Sydney Airport, Transport for NSW’s Freight Noise Attenuation Program, and the Greater Sydney Commission’s district planning process. During 2016, Olivia was seconded to the Greater Sydney Commission’s communications and engagement team to support the development and delivery of the draft District Plans and draft amendment to A Plan for Growing Sydney. In these and other projects Olivia has demonstrated disciplined project and budget management, high level organisational skills, and the ability to effectively manage stakeholder and community relations.

Olivia always seeks to streamline approaches to stakeholder management systems, processes and accountabilities on projects. She has mapped and managed the correspondence procedure for 1800 community lines and email enquiry inboxes for both the Greater Sydney Commission and the Freight Noise Attenuation Program.

She has also developed protocols for stakeholder management system recording of interactions and correspondence (including submissions) and accountabilities for follow up actions. These processes ensure deadlines are always met, team members’ responsibilities are understood and reporting is efficient, regardless of time constraints or data volume.

Olivia holds a BA Communications (Public Communication) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Areas of expertise:

  • Preparing and delivering communication, consultation and engagement strategies
  • Organising, recording and reporting on stakeholder and community consultation events
  • Developing and overseeing stakeholder management systems, processes and accountabilities
  • Protocol and process development
  • Submissions reporting
  • Community relations
  • Writing and editing written material
  • Facilitation support during critical stakeholder workshops.