Vicky Critchley

Project Manager
Vicky Critchley

Vicky Critchley has extensive experience in the area of strategic sustainability policy development and resource management in the public and private sector. She has undertaken numerous projects with a sustainability and urban renewal focus, with responsibility for coordinating multi-disciplinary project teams. This includes leading the world standard sustainability strategy design and implementation for the Frasers Broadway site in Sydney and creating the sustainability framework for the new ‘green’ city of Weddell in the Northern Territory.

Vicky has also been a project leader in designing and implementing sustainability governance and management systems for major residential and infrastructure bid strategies and projects. These have involved the development of reporting and monitoring processes as well as undertaking independent sustainability auditing services.

As an experienced social researcher, Vicky has directed a range of strategic planning and change management processes. Vicky is an expert facilitator and has designed and implemented comprehensive stakeholder engagement and community consultation activities.

She holds a Masters in Environmental Science.

Areas of expertise:

  • Sustainability policy, management and strategy development
  • Sustainability ratings assessment including performance indicators, evaluation and performance monitoring
  • Social and natural resource research and policy development
  • Strategic and management planning, organisational change management and capacity development
  • Community consultation, stakeholder engagement processes and facilitation.