Communications and engagement for Western Sydney Airport

Client:Essence Communications for the Department for Infrastructure and Regional Development
Location:Western Sydney

Elton Consulting has been working with Essence Communications to develop and deliver the overarching communications and engagement approach on the Western Sydney Airport. The proposed airport represents one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Australia for decades.

Given the high level of public interest and the likelihood of project impacts, the communications and engagement program during the pre-draft EIS and the draft Airport Plan focused on informing and consulting with the community and key stakeholders. The consultation approach was designed to inform stakeholders about the proposed airport and encourage participation in the conversation, to allow the development of the proposal to benefit from stakeholder knowledge and understanding of specific needs.

A variety of activities to engage the community and stakeholders have been undertaken by Elton Consulting including stakeholder meetings and community pop-up displays. The stalls have been designed to provide information about the project to the Western Sydney community and provide an opportunity to engage with the project team. These stalls provided newsletters, factsheets and maps to assist with responses to enquiries. Elton Consulting has spoken to over 2,500 community members at these information stalls.

In addition, Elton Consulting has contributed to a range of materials to inform community and stakeholders about the project, including a dedicated project website, fact sheets and regular newsletters.