Stakeholder and community consultation for the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

Client:Transport for NSW
Location:New South Wales, Australia

Elton Consulting was engaged by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to lead the state-wide stakeholder and community consultation for the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, released in December 2012.

The Elton Consulting team, led by Deborah Palmer, was responsible for planning, implementing and reporting on the public consultation and engagement process. The process was designed to identify and consider the diverse range of views and interests of customers, stakeholders and the community across NSW.

Fourteen regional forums were held between February and May 2012, involving over 1,000 participants. This enabled TfNSW to hear and understand the views of people in all parts of Sydney, and every region of NSW. Written summaries of these sessions were fed back by Elton Consulting into the planning process.

Four Advisory Groups – representing customers and community, local government, industry and transport specialists – were also regularly consulted. In addition over 140 stakeholders attended an industry briefing.

This process, including advisory groups, regional forums and stakeholder meetings, was developed and implemented by Elton Consulting, from the Discussion Paper and Draft Master Plan, through to the release of the final Long Term transport Master Plan in December 2012.

Elton Consulting also produced the Master Plan summary document. This stand alone 30 page document summarised the key elements of the longer version Master Plan into a compelling and easy to read narrative for the community to easily understand the key actions in the Master Plan.

Our in-depth involvement in the creation of this document means we have a detailed understanding of the transport planning environment and a strong appreciation of the task at hand, including the NSW 2021 priorities and objectives, as well as potential issues, risks and opportunities. This knowledge will be practically applied to the Sydney Metro.