Planning for Social Sustainability Master Class

Rachel Trigg, Senior Project Manager, Elton Consulting, recently travelled to Darwin to run a Master Class on social infrastructure planning and planning for social sustainability. The Master Class was a drawcard for participants from the government and the private sector during October Business Month.

The Master Class explored key themes from practice leading theory and the idea that ‘it is possible to create communities which encourage health, happiness and wellbeing.’ Rachel also gave a presentation which discussed key considerations and trends of social infrastructure planning citing recent case studies.

View presentation.

Community engagement 10 + 1

Brendan Blakeley, Associate Director, and Rachel Trigg, Senior Project Manager, impressed attendees at the PIA Planning Congress in March with their presentation on community engagement: ‘Community engagement 10+1: ten emerging trends plus one ongoing truth’.

The presentation was based on a paper developed by Elton Consulting which was provided to attendees.

View presentation and paper.

SIA under the spotlight: What works and what doesn’t in SIA practice?

On Friday 21st February, 2014 Jenny Vozoff presented at a Social Impact Assessment symposium, Turning up the Heat – a series of short presentations by leading practitioners on current practice.

The symposium was hosted by Macquarie University’s Department of Environment and Geography.

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Planning for social sustainability

Steve Rossiter, Associate Director, presented ‘Planning for Social Sustainability’ on the academic debate around planning for social sustainability at the Planning Institute of Australia’s 2013 National Conference on Monday 25 March 2013.

It was also presented at The Making International Cities Liveable Conference in June 2013.

View presentation and speaker’s notes.

View presentation references.

You can also read more about Steve’s presentation in the Elton Consulting  newsletter.

Increasing housing affordability in NSW

In 2012 presentation at a NEERG Seminar, Jenny Rudolph, Director, Elton Consulting, was asked to provide an overview and comment on the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Housing Rental Housing) (AHSEPP).

View Jenny’s notes here.

Secrets of effective consultation – Communications and Engagement Master Class

Brendan Blakeley, Associate Director and consultation expert from Elton Consulting shared some of his personal tips and experiences in a Master Class: ‘Secrets of effective consultation’.

Held as part of the Northern Territory October Business Month, participants from the government and private sector were treated to a jam-packed event of consultation insights and working examples from Brendan.

View the presentation here.

Social Impact Analysis

Gary Cox and Jenny Vozoff gave this presentation on Social Impact Analysis to the Planning Institute Australia in September of 2012. The presentation explored key areas of social impact analysis such as why is important, how to get the best value from it and key outcomes.

Time to Talk about Canberra 2030 as a Healthy City

This paper and presentation by Jane Jose and Gay Williamson, delivered in July 2011 at the 4th Healthy Cities: Making Cities Liveable Conference, focuses on the need for climate change adaptation to maintain the healthy quality of life so valued by the community.

Nice Plan, Shame About the Place

This paper  and presentation, delivered at the 2009 National PIA Congress, outlines how community engagement, community and cultural development, local economic development and community governance can be woven into the planning and physical design process to achieve socially sustainable communities.