Local government

Reviewing local government surveys across Australia

The Independent Local Government Review Panel was appointed by the Minister to look at ways to strengthen the effectiveness of local government in NSW. Elton Consulting was selected by the Panel to review community surveys and polling on the role, expectations and performance of local government across Australia.

Destination 2036: the future of Local Government in NSW

What is the future of local government? In August 2011 the Division of Local Government brought together 327 Mayors and General Managers to discuss this question at a two day strategic planning workshop, Destination 2036. This unique event, attended by every council, county council and regional organisation of councils in NSW, was unprecedented in scale…

Manly Community Strategic Plan

Elton Consulting was appointed to facilitate a community and stakeholder engagement process to inform the development of Manly Council’s new Community Strategic Plan. A range of community engagement activities invited community members to test the current vision for Manly and to prioritise the issues identified in Council’s Manly Beyond 2020: Issues Paper. Community members were also asked to formulate their own vision for Manly’s future and to identify strategies that could be considered in the implementation of the Manly Community Strategic Plan.

Lindfield Community Hub Study

Elton Consulting reviewed past, relevant studies undertaken by Ku-Ring-Gai Council and existing siting and development partnerships and opportunities. Our consultants: Defined population catchments for the new library and community centre Reviewed existing facility provision, gaps, community characteristics and needs within facility catchments (including population projections) Determined standards of provision and calculated the approximate size of…

Rockdale Community Services Plan

The Rockdale Community Services Plan was prepared to assist Council with planning, provision and management of community facilities. The Plan also guides Council’s support of community organisations. Development of the plan involved: Assessment of existing community facility and service provision in Rockdale Local Government Area Review of existing demographic characteristics and community needs Determining likely…

Western Sydney Light Rail Social and Health Impact Assessment

Elton Consulting’s team conducted a social and health impact analysis from 2012 to 2013 as part of a pre-feasibility study for the potential introduction of a light rail network in Western Sydney. Elton Consulting undertook an extensive literature review as part of this study. Mapping of Social Economic Indices For Areas (SEIFA) data was also undertaken…

Action plan for Maitland’s growing population

To ensure the well-being of Maitland’s growing population, Maitland City Council believes it is vital to plan for housing that is well designed, affordable and adaptable. Elton Consulting was engaged by Council to develop a framework that will help deliver on this housing goal.