Sector:  State, territory and federal government

Stakeholder and community engagement services for Moore Park

Client:Centennial and Moore Park Trust
Location:Sydney CBD

Elton Consulting’s ongoing engagement with Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust since 2013 provides stakeholder and community engagement services to support long term planning for Moore Park, Sydney’s largest multi-use community venue in NSW.

Preparation of the ACT Statement of Planning Intent

Client:ACT Minister for Planning and the Environment and Planning Directorate
Location:Australian Capital Territory

Elton Consulting was appointed to assist the ACT Minister for Planning to prepare his first Statement of Planning Intent.

Freight Noise Attenuation Program

Client:Transport for NSW

In 2015 Elton Consulting provided communication and engagement services to support Transport for NSW in the rollout of the Freight Noise Attenuation Program.

Affordable Housing Strategy

Client:Roberts Day
Location:Sydney, NSW

Elton Consulting developed a practical strategy to deliver affordable housing as part of a Priority Investigation Area assessment in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Social Housing Discussion Paper consultation

Client:NSW Family and Community Services

In 2014 the NSW Government released the Social Housing Policy Discussion Paper and commenced a conversation with people on challenges facing the social housing system. We worked with NSW Family and Community Services to design and facilitate forums and seven roundtable discussions.

Public housing engagement

Client:ACT Housing and Community Services Directorate

The ACT Government, through an Omnibus Territory Plan Variation, is seeking renewal opportunities for 17 sites across Canberra. Elton Consulting was commissioned to design and deliver an engagement process for these sites.

Guide and training workshop for effective community engagement

Client:NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

Elton Consulting was appointed by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) to develop a written guide and deliver a training workshop to support planning for effective community engagement. The guide was focused on preparing engagement plans for major government projects. Working closely with the department, we developed a guide that included a step-by-step…