Title:  Project Managers

Amelia Kemister

Amelia has over five years experience working in media management and digital technology, using new forms of communication to engage stakeholders.

Her broad-ranging communications expertise includes the development of communications and engagement strategies, stakeholder engagement and community relations in the arts, transport and public infrastructure sectors.

Erika Jimenez

Erika Jimenez is a communications specialist with more than 15 years in NSW Government developing and communicating clear, targeted key messages in collaboration with stakeholders for a diverse range of audiences.

Wendy Salkeld

Wendy has over 25 years experience working on community relations and engagement and strategic communications for both government and private sector. Wendy has managed and implemented community relations and place/personal management services for complex remediation and infrastructure projects.

Vasiliki (Vas) Andrews

Vasiliki (Vas) Andrews has over eight years’ experience in statutory and strategic planning in NSW, in both the public and private sector.

Sonia Dalitz

Sonia Dalitz is a highly skilled Social Planner with seven years of experience working in local government. A specialist in providing social and urban policy and planning advice, Sonia has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in community and stakeholder engagement, demographic analysis and healthy urban development practice.

Nikolai Morozow

Nikolai Morozow is a communication specialist with five years experience working in federal government. Passionate about good communication in the public sector, Nikolai has worked on extensive government advertising campaigns, COAG taskforces and the G20.

Scott Alcorn

Scott Alcorn has more than 25 years experience in the property development industry; providing accurate, concise and robust advice across sectors including infrastructure, rural, retail, commercial, industrial and residential development, and mining.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones has an extensive background in program and project management, health and community service planning and development, and stakeholder engagement, having spent almost a decade delivering programs and initiatives within health, not-for-profit and community organisations.

Rowan Cumming

Rowan Cumming has over five years experience within the construction industry. His experience ranges from frontline construction management through to onsite workplace health and safety, quality management and reporting, programming, and project management.

Linda Rodriguez

Linda Rodriguez is an urban planning professional with over seven years of industry experience in statutory and strategic planning within the public (Local Government) sector.