Elton Consulting works with clients across all levels of government, the private sector and not-for-profit sector in all states and territories of Australia.

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Elton Consulting is also a pre-qualified service provider on a number of federal, state/territory and local government panels. This means that our skills, experience and credentials have already been assessed. Direct procurement is often possible as a result of our pre-qualification status or procurement is a more streamlined process, subject to the internal guidelines of the organisation.

We have a depth of experience and skills developed over many years supporting government projects. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to provide services to achieve government priorities.

Pre-qualifications are linked below by state.

New South Wales

NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation:

Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services (SCM0005)

We are pre-qualified for a number of service areas, including:

  • Performance Reviews including Program Reviews; Management Reviews; Policy/Strategy Reviews
  • Infrastructure & Major Projects including Strategy and Planning; Risk; Communication (including stakeholder engagement; communication/technical writing)
  • Service Delivery Improvement including Service Strategy and Planning; Service Performance; Service Evaluation
  • Organisational Capability including Governance and Reporting; Corporate and Business Strategy; Communication (including corporate communication; strategic communication; issues management; media and public relations; event management)
  • General Technical Expertise including Policy Development; Business Cases Development; Contracts and Contracting; Project Management and Governance; Issues Management; Economic Analysis; Economic Impact Assessment

NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change

  • Pre-qualified for facilitation of sustainability advantage clusters

APP team for the Resitech Housing NSW Panel

  • Pre-qualified for feasibility study services


  • Panel of planning consultants for strategic planning, policy and social planning

Byron Shire Council, NSW

  • Consultancy Services Register for planning, community services, miscellaneous

City of Sydney

  • Panel for writing services

City of Ryde, NSW

  • Preferred providers for professional services – community consultation, organisational development, town planning, social planning, access, community strategic planning

Local Government Procurement (NSW)

  • Engineering, planning and development and community professional consulting services

Randwick City Council and Waverley Council, NSW

  • Professional consultancy services for communication, consultation, facilitation, mediation experts

Sutherland Shire Council, NSW

  • Consultant’s Register (for statutory planning)

Wollondilly Shire Council, NSW

  • Project Management Services


QLD Department of Infrastructure and Planning

Elton Consulting is a preferred supplier panel for:

  • Communication including community consultation and communication and facilitation services
  • Planning including infrastructure planning; regional or strategic planning; statutory planning; land use; social & economic planning; master/structure planning

Local Buy (QLD Local Government areas)

  • Provision of environmental, water and waste management consultancy services – community consultation services

Cairns Regional Council, QLD

  • Panel of providers for consultancy services including town planning, social and community planning, community consultation, facilitation and strategic communications and sustainability


City of Wodonga, VIC

  • Panel of Providers for Consultancy Services including town planning, urban design and urban planning

South Australia

SA Department of Families and Communities

  • Evaluation and research services panel including communities and community development; Ageing

Northern Territory

NT Department of Construction and Infrastructure

  • Professional services panel

Australian Capital Territory

Land Development Agency (ACT)

  • Planning and urban design services


Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport

  • Provision of community engagement services

Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

  • Housing panel

Murray–Darling Basin Authority

  • Social, economic & cultural services

In the non-government sector, Elton Consulting is also a pre-qualified service provider for:

  • URS – preferred supplier
  • National Disability Services (NDS) – Good Governance Program Panel