What our clients say about…

Our skills and expertise

“Everything was good right from the word go. The people involved were all very clear about what they were doing with a good understanding of the project.”

“Elton gave great advice about the approach so that…they knew what the work would entail and why it was recommended and what it would cost.”

“Elton has the demonstrated ability to take and understand a brief quickly and add value.”

“…impressed with how Elton talked to stakeholders and how they communicated key messages; they thought carefully about who the audience is and what the relevant amount and level of information was.”

“Elton has always had to balance confidential information given to them by the organisation and also that relayed by stakeholders. They have always done this professionally and that’s a particular skill.”

“Elton people have a real think about what is needed on a project and how to produce communications to match needs.”

“They need people [like Elton] who can lead the discussion but also ‘read’ the outcomes of a consultation accurately.”

“Elton’s preparation of website has a level of sophistication you need.”

Our process

“They were able to have good, frank discussions about timelines.”

“It was a very impressive process, with timely, clear information.”

“Elton’s ability to come with us on the endless restructuring journey when the decision makers weren’t always clear has been appreciated.”

“Elton works both behind the scenes and upfront.”

“Excellent real time support for graphics.”

Our professionalism

“They meet as necessary, not just for the sake of things.”

“…always found it easy to talk to Elton about project changes or scope changes and negotiated fee changes accordingly…”

“The quality of work delivered by Elton Consulting has always been very good. It’s first class.”

“…generally choose Elton due to their reputation for being professional and having a reasonable price structure.”

“…communications and interactions are seamless.”

“They [Elton] are focused on the task.”

“The quality of products and services is of a very high order.”

Our working relationships

“…would gladly recommend Elton’s communications and engagements services to others.”

“The bid they worked on had good results and there was good interaction.”

“[Working with Elton] was an enjoyable experience but also a good outcome. It is not common that you achieve both when working with a consultant.”

Our costs

“Elton provided value for money.”

“Budget control was very good.”

“Elton doesn’t overcharge for their work. Some other consultants pitch low to win a task and then ‘nail you’ with their add-ons. Elton doesn’t do that”