Elton Consulting Brisbane offers communications and engagement services, social sustainability and affordable housing advice across South East Queensland.

We provide robust, clever and practical solutions across infrastructure, health, property, transport, community services and housing. Our service is unique – we integrate engagement and communications, social sustainability, planning and policy to drive efficiency and innovation across your projects and teams.

Our hands-on experts work directly with clients, as well as in partnership with other organisations to ensure key stakeholders are strategically engaged throughout the entire project. We support communities so they feel heard while stakeholders are duly consulted, ensuring project outcomes are achieved.

Elton Consulting Brisbane is accustomed to being an extension of a large project team, and enjoys being on-call for trusted advice. We are seasoned professionals with diverse experience supporting projects both in-house or as consultants across all levels of government and the private sector.

For more information, please view our Queensland capability statement.