Digital Engagement

We support our clients to navigate the digital space through a range of services that meet your needs and budget. Digital engagement presents us with a unique opportunity to engage with all audiences, including ‘hard-to-reach’ audiences. For instance, people living in remote communities or those who may be deterred from attending traditional engagement sessions in person because they are time-poor.

Now, in a time of COVID, digital engagement is a necessity to keep projects moving. Digital engagement techniques be used on their own or, if restrictions permit, they can be used to complement face-to-face engagement processes. With greater access to technology than ever before, digital engagement enables clients to remain connected to stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a project, ensuring that best practice engagement can be achieved.

For more information about our Digital Engagement services contact Calli Brown.

Our digital services include:

Online Community PortalOnline Community Portals

Our Online Community Portal (developed by our WSP colleagues) has been designed to mimic more traditional Community Information and Feedback Sessions – creating an opportunity to go to the audience, share in-depth information and gain feedback to inform design making.

Our Portal is a virtual reality room that includes:

  • visitor sign-in to track participation levels and get contact details for responding to questions and feedback
  • interactive display boards, which can incorporate videos, maps and fly-throughs
  • surveys and feedback functions within display boards and maps
  • live Q&A sessions with the project team.

Strategic communications and advice for online engagement Strategic communications and advice for online engagement

Our communications services help you tell your story in the most effective and efficient way possible. We help you define what to say, how to say it, when to say it, where to say it and who to say it to.

Chairing online meetingsSkills training for chairing online meetings

The key to success for any meeting is an effective Chair, complemented by sound preparation. We provide an in-depth training session to up-skill you and your team in the approach and methodology. These skills can also be transferred into more traditional ways of engagement.

Online facilitation and mediationOnline facilitation and mediation

Independent Facilitation is important in circumstances where people of diverse interests, backgrounds and capabilities need to come together to develop solutions.

Our experienced Facilitators are also available to work within your preferred platform and help you achieve the outcomes you need through a tailored group process that enables the group to work cooperatively and effectively, even in an online environment.

Zoom trainingZoom skills training

The Zoom platform offers a range of unique tools that can mimic more traditional engagement, such as small breakout spaces that elicit small group discussions, to large scale two-way group deliberations and using online annotation tools – all with the control that you need as a Chair or Facilitator to moderate attendees in a controlled environment.

Zoom also has options to secure your online meeting. The automated registration option enables you to manage registrations seamlessly, with sound knowledge as to who your attendees are ahead of the workshop.

We can work with you and your team to design a tailored approach, ensuring that we’re adding value to you and your team’s skill level.

Webinar and workshop developmentWorkshop and webinar development

We are well-versed in developing and facilitating workshops and webinars for a wide variety of projects; from smaller, community projects through to projects spanning multiple time zones around the world.

Our team works with clients and other stakeholders, where appropriate, to design tailored workshops and webinars to keep projects moving forwards. We are highly skilled in facilitation and have specialist expertise in ensuring that a diverse range of stakeholder views are captured, not just a vocal minority. Our team has worked on many contentious projects and we can support clients and stakeholders in achieving a constructive and respectful conversation.

Website development

Website development

We can work with you to make sure your online offer is fresh, versatile and effective in meeting your needs and the needs of your stakeholders.

Our online solutions include website development, website hosting, online engagement portals and seamless integration of social media, where appropriate.

Social mediaSocial media

Our team can work with you to tailor your existing social media strategy, to deliver increased awareness and engagement.

We can also design bespoke social media strategies, helping you understand your audiences and utilising platforms to reach large audiences, maximising your communications and engagement efforts.

Complementary digital engagement toolsComplementary tools

We are experienced in using a range of complementary online tools to enable you to capture the feedback you need to progress your project. These tools are tried and tested with Zoom to support different types of collaboration. By selecting the right complementary tools for each project, we ensure that the best user experience is created and that the right mechanisms are in place to gather the required feedback.

Please refer to our digital engagement capability statement for information.


Now, in a time of COVID, digital engagement is a necessity to keep projects moving.