Elton Consulting now offers a GIS (Geographic Information System) service

Elton Consulting is excited to announce we now offer a GIS (Geographic Information System) service as part of our projects and policy work for our clients. GIS will let us visualise, question, analyse and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns and trends.

What can GIS do?

  • identify sites and do an analysis to inform a planning due diligence
  • develop maps in an accurate manner for project reports
  • create mapping for Local Environmental Plan amendments
  • analyse information spatially to inform policy development
  • locate community facilities and compare to population data or distances from other facilities or railway stations
  • locate a distance around a specific site and analyse the population profile so to inform the community engagement process

Integrating the GIS technology with our Design Studio talent will allow our clients the opportunity to optimise maps and plans by creating a unique graphic each time; combining analysis and visualization to provide “location intelligence” to reports, proposals and presentations.