Elton Consulting celebrates 30 years

Why has Elton Consulting been a trusted advisor to governments all around Australia, the private sector and not for profits for 30 years?

Brian Elton, Founder of Elton Consulting, reflects on this:

“It’s clear we do our best work when the firm holds true to three important values: a commitment to collaboration, internally with staff as well as externally with our clients and professional colleagues; an unshaking belief in the power of constructive public engagement done well; and finally, a commitment to making a difference. “

This approach has been so important to our story over three decades and is as relevant today in all our offices around Australia as it was when we started in a bolthole in Bondi Junction.

Elton Consulting’s Chief Executive, Kim Anson, said “It has been such a pleasure to see new staff coming on board in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and of course Sydney. Wherever we are, we have built the same culture and approach that has been part of our DNA for 30 years.”

We send thanks to everyone who has been part of our incredible 30-year journey, and look forward to many more successful years.