New opportunities with the District Plans

It’s an exciting time for planning in Sydney.

The Draft District Plans released last week represent one of the most ambitious attempts to link local, district and metropolitan planning. Once the District Plans are adopted by State Government, Sydney will be able to manage and see changes across housing, employment, environment, transport, services and tourism.

Feedback on the draft Plans can be submitted until March 31, 2017.

The release of the draft Plans has implications for all councils and communities within Sydney’s six districts. The draft Plans set out a vision, priorities and actions for the development for each area under the overarching themes of productivity, liveability and sustainability. The District Plans essentially provide the blueprint for growth and development of Sydney for the next 20 years guided by the Premier’s and State Priorities, the Ministerial Statement of Priorities, State Infrastructure Plans and the Greater Sydney Region Plan A Plan for Growing Sydney. Next year the Commission will finalise the District Plans together with the updating of the Plan for Growing Sydney, as the two plans are linked together.

There is a need to consider what the District Plans mean on-the-ground, and how, along with local government reform including the creation of new councils, the priorities will translate into local planning documents including:

  • Local Environmental Plans
  • Development Control Plans
  • Developer Contribution Plans
  • Housing Strategies
  • Community Plans
  • The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework
  • Employment Lands Strategies
  • Open Space Action Plans
  • Infrastructure Strategies
  • Town Centre Strategies
  • Sustainability Plans

This new framework will provide opportunities not only for councils to update and consolidate their planning controls in consultation with their communities, but for developers seeking more clarity and opportunity to provide quality developments that contribute to making places great.

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