Hanna Steevens

Senior Project Manager
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Hanna is a planner with 12 years’ experience in the Northern Territory and Victoria as well as in New Zealand. She has held senior management roles for the Northern Territory Government and brings extensive working knowledge of the Northern Territory Planning System. She is adept at understanding processes and navigating projects through complex systems.

Prior to joining Elton Consulting Hanna’s most recent role was the Director Development Assessment Services with the Northern Territory Government, this role entailed providing high level policy advice to Government, Boards and executive leadership teams.

One of the milestone projects that Hanna has worked on includes the documenting and redesign of the statutory planning unit’s business processes. The project involved mapping the existing process from end to end and seeking opportunities for improvement with a view for an overall streamlined and more robust system.

A key element of the project was balancing the expectations of the public and stakeholders in the systems to ensure the services provided were, in their mind, improved and effective.

Key outcomes included transition to a paperless office, streamlined systems, improved service delivery, improved capacity and more meaningfully engaged staff. One of the key measurables was a reduction in average processing days for development applications from 57 to 52 days.

Hanna holds a Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Planning) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.


Areas of expertise:

  • Statutory and strategic planning
  • Major project facilitation and planning approvals
  • Rezoning and preparing planning instruments
  • Policy research
  • Planning appeals and mediation
  • Business process improvement