Lucy Greig

Project Director

Lucy Greig

Lucy is a researcher, social planner and engagement specialist with expertise in designing quantitative and qualitative research studies to address complex social issues.

Lucy’s social research capabilities include in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys. She has designed and implemented research methodologies, tools and protocols for a range of studies involving residents, consumers, and specific target groups, such as service providers, service users, service managers and staff, people who are homeless and sex workers. These studies have included state-wide surveys, client and staff satisfaction surveys, post occupancy studies, targeted qualitative research, literature scans and document review.

Lucy has helped to deliver numerous community and stakeholder engagement projects, focusing on urban planning and social policy issues. This includes large scale consultation processes involving a wide range of engagement activities and opportunities for participation, as well as more targeted engagement processes.

Lucy has also undertaken social and community planning projects, social impact assessments and developed social sustainability initiatives for numerous projects across Australia.  She has a degree in Social Science – Research and Policy from the University of NSW.
Areas of expertise:

  • Social research
  • Social planning
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Community and stakeholder engagement