Steve Rossiter

Director, Social Sustainability
Steve Rossiter

Steve Rossiter has more than 15 years experience of managing social planning and urban planning projects. This has included researching best practices and developing community facilities and human service strategies for projects in New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Steve has considerable training, research, consultation and facilitation expertise. Using these diverse skills, he has worked with a variety of stakeholders in assessing community need and developing models for sustainable community facilities and services.

With a background in local government, Steve has a practical understanding of planning processes. He has worked on complex projects where a range of different interests are represented. He has facilitated a variety of collaborative and complex forums. Steve has also worked extensively with architects, developing briefs for the design of community facilities.


Steve maintains strong interest and expertise in best practice community facilities planning and the contribution community and cultural facilities make to the social sustainability of communities. As part of an ongoing research project at Elton Consulting, Steve is identifying best practice case studies in community planning. He has also developed guidelines for the planning, design, delivery and operation of new community facilities.

Areas of expertise:

  • community planning and needs assessment
  • community facilities planning
  • social planning input for master planned communities
  • design and delivery of complex community and stakeholder engagement processes
  • workshop design, facilitation and reporting
  • research and analysis
  • place making
  • social impact assessment (SIAs).