A project.

Brockman Park Structure Plan and Development Prospectus

The aim of the Brockman Park Structure Plan and Development Prospectus project was to facilitate the development of an ‘Ageing in Place’ facility on a portion of Brockman Park, which is located in close proximity to the Town Centre of Carnarvon. In addition to the provision of a detailed Structure Plan, prepared in accordance with…

Strategic Waste Infrastructure Planning Project

Client:Department of Environment & Regulation
Location:Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region, WA

Elton Consulting WA (previously Veris Town Planning) was appointed to undertake strategic and statutory planning investigations for the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER). The initial part of the project involved a pilot test on developing assessment matrix which would then be used to investigate over 80 industrial areas within the Perth and Peel regions and…

Ocean Road Estate – Local Structure and Development Plans and Subdivision Applications

Client:Terranovis Pty Ltd
Location:Coogee, WA

Elton Consulting WA (previously Whelan’s Town Planning) prepared a Local Structure Plan (LSP) to address the challenges faced with fragmented landownership, retention of specific existing dwellings and interfacing with neighbouring land. Located approximately 500 metres to the east of the Port Coogee marina the development site comprised of 23 separate landholdings. The LSP achieved a…

Mingle Community Development Evaluation

Client:Suburban Land Agency
Location:Wright and Coombs, ACT

Elton Consulting has been engaged by the Suburban Land Agency to undertake an outcomes evaluation of their Mingle community Development program. Mingle was implemented in Wright and Coombs over five years ago and seeks to support a cohesive, vibrant and sustainable community through development of the suburb. The evaluation will look at the activities and…

Tenant Relocation Project: Evaluation Report

Client:Housing ACT
Location:Canberra, ACT

Elton Consulting has been engaged by Housing ACT to undertake and independent evaluation of the ACT Government’s Tenant Relocation program.

Reconciliation Day ACT

Client:ACT Government
Location:Canberra, ACT

In 2016 Chris Burke, the first Indigenous Australian elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly, floated the idea for a new Reconciliation Day Holiday, to replace an existing public holiday, acknowledging the culture, contribution and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Elton Consulting was proud to be commissioned by the ACT Government to carry…

Review of the NSW Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (VEIAP)

Client:NSW Department of Industry

Elton Consulting was engaged to support the mid-term review of the NSW Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (VEIAP) that articulates the government’s priorities and actions deliver results in the three years remaining to the 2020 target.
This work supported the Visitor Economy Taskforce (VET), and as part of the Review, the VET undertook extensive stakeholder engagement and consultation with key stakeholders across NSW.

Yowani Grounds

Client:Yowani Country Club and TP Dynamics
Location:Lyneham, ACT

Elton Consulting has recently been appointed to undertake the strategic and statutory planning work along with stakeholder engagement of the significant Yowani Grounds site.

Community Consultation Watson High School

Client:Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

Elton Consulting was engaged to undertake community consultation on possible upgrades to the Canberra Technology Park (CTP), a public asset that was previously a high school from 1965 to 1988 as well as a campus of the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Pre-DA Engagement – Geocon Developments ACT

Location:Canberra, ACT

Elton Consulting assisted Geocon to develop a refined and innovative approach to community and stakeholder engagement which aligns with the Pre-DA guidelines and demonstrates a best practice approach.