Affordable Housing Strategy

Client:Roberts Day
Location:Sydney, NSW

Elton Consulting developed a practical strategy to deliver affordable housing as part of a Priority Investigation Area assessment in the Sydney metropolitan area. Working closely with the local Council, planning officials and the wider assessment team, we assessed the opportunity for delivery of new affordable housing dwellings through land value uplift.

This included a review of the local area demographics and housing market, including projected supply and demand, to quantify the need for affordable housing in the area. We reviewed development scenarios to determine the feasibility of affordable housing contributions, and considered the results of community consultation on the level and distribution of affordable housing in relation to transport and services.

We also provided planning advice on the preferred mechanisms for delivery of affordable housing to ensure easy implementation by Council. Streamlined administrative arrangements for the ownership and management of the affordable housing portfolio were proposed.

The strategy has enabled Council to pursue its aim of delivering notable levels of affordable housing, leading the way for future projects.