Casula Affordable Housing Social Impact Assessment

Client:GM Planning Services
Location:Casula, NSW

This project involved a Social Impact Assessment of a proposed multi-unit residential development of 29 townhouses with underground car parking at 10-12 Lang Road, Casula. The report was to accompany a Development Application to Liverpool City Council under State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (SEPP). To meet the SEPP’s requirements, eight dwellings will be managed by a registered community housing provider as affordable housing for at least 10 years.

The report outlines the methodology used for the assessment process, identification of the people and populations potentially affected by the development and describes characteristics of the local community. It estimates the expected future population that would live at the site and describes possible household types that would be attracted to the new dwellings.

The types of social infrastructure and facilities available in the local area are also examined for their adequacy to accommodate the extra residents. The report also describes the types of social impacts that would be expected from this development, the groups that might experience impacts and design features to minimise potential adverse effects.

It concludes that the project will provide a welcome addition to the local housing stock, including affordable rental housing, and that (subject to satisfaction of certain design and site layout issues) there will be minimal adverse social impacts.