Central Victoria Livestock Exchange – Community Liaison Committee Chair

Client:Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd
Location:Ballarat, VIC

Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd, contracted by the City of Ballarat, is developing new cattle sale yards, to replace existing out of date facilities. As a condition of Environmental Protection Authority approval, the proponent is required to undertake ongoing community consultation through the provision of a Community Liaison Committee (CLC).

Elton Consulting’s Martin Klopper, has been appointed as the independent chairperson of the committee. This role includes the facilitation of bi-monthly committee meetings, focussing on resolving community issues in a collaborative space. These meetings often involve conflicting and divergent perspectives which require a sensitive and delicate approach to reach a solution by the chairperson. As a contentious project the committee is now rebuilding the relationship with the community guided by Martin’s positive approach.

Another key focus of the CLC is the delivery of the community grants programme, which accepts applications from relevant local organisations for project funding. The CLC Chair is responsible for facilitating deliberations in relation to the grant funding programme.

This role also includes managing meeting logistics, and preparation and distribution of minutes.