Community campaign and stakeholder consultation for a local government

Client:Lovell Chen
Location:City of Port Phillip, VIC

In May 2018, Elton Consulting was appointed to assist the City of Port Phillip to explore and articulate community attitudes towards the social aspects of heritage planning, distinct from the traditional emphasis on architectural history.

Informing the first stage of a heritage review, project delivery began with the development and implementation of the Community Engagement Plan. The methodology of this consultation and selected engagement tools allowed the project team to identify places of importance and help Council understand why these places were of significance to individuals, groups and the wider community.

During a four-week community campaign, an online survey was launched to provide robust statistical data. The survey was endorsed online, advertised in local media and promoted via community pop up sessions. This data was supported by more detailed conversations during a series of facilitated special interest group sessions (e.g. representatives from historical societies, LGBTQI community, arts and culture).

Project delivery was concluded with a Community Consultation Report that summarised the key insights that would inform Council’s approach heritage questions and concludes with recommendations to assist Council in its desire to reduce the gap between community and Council perceptions of heritage.