Community facilities needs study for Parramatta CBD, North Parramatta and Harris Park

Client:Parramatta City Council
Location:Parramatta, NSW

To meet the needs of the growing workforce and resident population within Parramatta’s CBD, North Parramatta and Harris Park areas, Elton Consulting prepared a needs assessment and best practice analysis for the provision of community facilities.  Given Parramatta’s role in providing services to the Western Sydney region, the study also considered the need for community facilities to service the wider Western Sydney population.

Drawing on stakeholder input, an analysis of the existing population, and consideration of future population growth to 2036, the report identified a number of community facility gaps and issues relating to space shortages and utilisation and the expected changes in household characteristics of apartment dwellers in future. The study reviewed rates of existing facility provision and identified floor space requirements and facility models best suited to the major urban centre context of the Parramatta CBD, the urban renewal site of North Parramatta, and the smaller but important local centre of Harris Park.