Council service profiling and analysis

Client:Ashfield Council
Location:Sydney, NSW

As part of preparations for a potential merger, Elton Consulting was engaged to prepare service profiles and analysis for the former Ashfield Council.

We started by purpose-designing a service profile template to meet Council’s needs. We then revised relevant Council documents and held in-depth interviews with lead staff from each of the operational areas. This enabled us to develop 21 comprehensive service profiles, including consistent documentation of:

  • internal and external customers, stakeholders and partners
  • relevant legislation, policies and plans
  • resourcing, including staffing and contractors
  • governance framework
  • strategic risks
  • robust service levels and performance measures.

To recognise the positive work of Council staff, the profiles concluded with a ‘shining practice’ case study of work undertaken by the area.

The service profile template we prepared for Ashfield Council is now being used across the new Inner West Council to support the implementation of the new organisation.