Creating strong graphics to engage electricity and gas customers across Victoria and NSW

Location:Victoria and NSW

Good design is critical to drawing people in and conveying information simply and clearly. This is particularly important when the subject matter is complex. Our Design Studio helped bring energy to life for Jemena, a major utilities company in need of design materials for stakeholder engagement on Regulatory Proposals for its electricity and gas networks.

Working in partnership with Jemena and Elton Consulting’s Communications and Engagement team, our Design Studio was responsible for the design of Jemena’s Electricity and Gas Regulatory Proposals (from concept to final proposal) and supporting graphics, including the Journey Map.

Materials created included:

  • JEN Document
  • JGN Document
  • infographics
  • chart graphics
  • summary documents
  • animated video.

Of particular note on the creative front, were the development of journey maps for gas and electricity proposals and an animation for electricity.


Journey Maps

Our designers worked closely with Jemena to develop eye-catching graphics to visually document Jemena’s extensive 2017-2018 consultation process with electricity and gas customers for use in the Draft Plan and website.

The graphics walk through the Jemena engagement journey; highlighting the dates, places, and people and groups (residential, small business, commercial and industrial customers; local councils, VicRoads and retailers) involved in discussing the electricity and gas networks that supply Jemena’s Victorian and NSW customers. These Journey Maps included key milestones and numbers achieved throughout the engagement process.

These graphics were well received by Jemena and the target audience of the Draft Plan, and were shared on social media as a great example of how to visualise the engagement journey.

View the Gas Journey Map and the Electricity Journey Map.


The animation was developed to give stakeholders a quick and simple summary and update of key elements of the Electricity Revenue Proposal at community information sessions. It required review and refinement of client supplied script to ensure information was captured. A strong creative narrative allowed the animation team to develop a strong visual story.