Creating sustainable cities: leading an international conversation

Client:City of Melbourne
Location:Melbourne, Victoria

The City of Melbourne hosted a workshop called ‘Sustainable Communities: Collaborating, Planning, Delivering.’

The initiative was designed to be part of the work of the C40 Climate Change Leadership Group. A network of large and engaged cities from around the world, the Group is committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related policies and programs locally that aim to help address climate change globally.

Elton Consulting was asked to design and facilitate a workshop which engaged and inspired local thought leaders, while also resulting in a practical action plan to take the network forward.

Objectives of the C40 Workshop were to:

  • Share local and global leading-edge approaches to creating sustainable communities
  • Identify challenges and solutions for cities creating sustainable communities or precincts in collaboration with developers and infrastructure providers
  • Prioritise C40 city needs in creating sustainable communities.

The ultimate objective was to use the workshop outcomes to produce a preliminary work plan for the new C40 Sustainable Urban Development Network.

Attendees including city government officials, local and international developers and infrastructure providers as well as local and international thought leaders,  participated in activities such as presentations, interactive sessions and small group activities.

The City of Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle said that the exercise was about preparing “a blueprint for a sustainable, prosperous urban community that is measurable and scalable.”

Elton Consulting’s team also delivered a detailed outcomes report following the workshop, which was distributed to all participants.