Cross Border Strategic Advice and Assistance

Client:Riverview Developments (ACT) Pty Limited

Cross Border Service and Infrastructure Delivery – Forum and Report

Elton Consulting were appointed to assist the Riverview Group and the Land Development Agency to meet the requirements of the Gateway Determination issued by the NSW Government to enable the rezoning of Parkwood (the NSW portion of the Ginninderry Development.).

The Determination required the development of a cross border servicing and infrastructure report.  The report was to be developed based on the outcomes of a cross border multi agency Forum.

Elton Consulting undertook a detailed research project looking at how services and infrastructure is delivered and paid for in both the ACT and NSW. This included the full spectrum of service delivery from regulation of hairdressers and tattoo artists through to traffic and transport, health, education, policing and emergency services.

Then one on one discussions were held with agencies on both sides of the border to explore options for service and infrastructure delivery to this isolated part of NSW. (The Parkwood peninsula is landlocked by the ACT Border and the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek).

Subsequent to this we designed and delivered a cross border multi-agency forum that looked at the options proposed, and impact on, service and infrastructure delivery options.

Our extensive piece of work helped to identify mechanisms for service and infrastructure provision and funding.

The Forum was attended by over 80 senior representatives from both NSW and ACT Government agencies from all sectors. It was highly commended and our report will be used as a model for other cross border regions.


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