Demographic analysis & social infrastructure assessment: Riverstone East & Vineyard

Client:Department of Planning & Environment
Location:Riverstone East and Vineyard, NSW

Elton Consulting was engaged to carry out a demographic analysis and assessment of community infrastructure and open space needs for Riverstone East and Vineyard in Sydney’s North West Growth Sector.

The team’s study is analysing planning policies and objectives, provides guidance on best practice principles for social infrastructure and open space provision and takes into account the areas’ existing and planned social infrastructure.

The report considers the likely future population of these precincts and its characteristics and recommends the local, district and regional community facilities and open space that would be required.

Elton Consulting worked closely with the team’s master planners in providing feedback to the future layout for the Precincts.

In addition to planning for the two Precincts, Elton Consulting has provided advice in relation to the regional level social infrastructure and open space needs and strategies for provision across the entire North West Growth Centre, as a result of the cumulative growth attributable to the expected 70,000 new dwellings and 200,000 residents in future years.