Development Application and Planning Proposal – Dutton Lane car park site

Client:Fairfield City Council
Location:Cabramatta, NSW

Elton Consulting worked with Fairfield City Council to obtain approval for the redevelopment of its Dutton Lane car park site in Cabramatta. This high profile project in the heart of the Cabramatta town centre has been delivered over two stages:

  • A Development Application (DA) – The proposal involved redevelopment of the existing car park structure, providing two additional levels of car parking as well as approximately 3,000m2 of ground floor retail and commercial space. The proposal also involved lot consolidation and modifications to the existing loading bay and intersection arrangements. Elton Consulting worked successfully with the architects and traffic consultants to address community concerns in the delivery of the project. 
  • A Planning Proposal – The planning proposal sought to increase the maximum permissible building height on the site under the provisions of the Fairfield Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013. The amendment required changes to the relevant LEP map as well as specific amendments to clauses in the LEP relating to the site.  Changes to Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP) relating to the Cabramatta Town Centre will also be required to implement the planning proposal. Elton Consulting prepared the planning assessment and worked with Council’s architect and traffic consultant to provide the justification for the proposed increase in height including consideration of potential impacts such as overshadowing, traffic generation, and other urban design issues.    

Elton Consulting’s services included:

  • Providing Council with advice on consultation and stakeholder engagement and assistance running a community information session prior to the lodgement of the DA
  • Preparation of the Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) and post lodgement documentation including a submissions analysis report
  • Representation at the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) briefing and determination meeting
  • Providing Council with advice on the scope and nature of amendments to the LEP to be included in the planning proposal
  • Preparation of a planning proposal and justification report in accordance with the Department of Planning and Environment’s Guidelines for preparing planning proposals.