Five Game-Changers for Affordable Housing in Sydney: Committee For Sydney Issues Paper

Client:Committee for Sydney
Location:Sydney, NSW

Housing affordability is one of the most pressing issues facing the growing Sydney population. To promote innovative thinking and action on affordable housing, the Committee for Sydney contracted Elton Consulting to develop an affordable housing positioning paper. Elton Consulting worked closely with the Committee for Sydney to identify core “game changers” which formed the basis of the paper’s call for action.

The paper articulates a range of practical strategies for increasing access to housing. These include maximising the use of public land, building the community housing sector as a delivery mechanism, and triggering the private sector to deliver more low cost market housing.

Following its formal launch, the final paper, A City for All: Five game-changers for affordable housing in Sydney was published online and forms part of the Committee for Sydney’s suite of positioning documents. It will support the Committee’s advocacy and policy development relating to housing affordability.