Local Government Waste Planning and Assessment Training for Multi-unit Developments

Client:Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) and Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC)
Location:Sydney, NSW

Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Council (SSROC) and Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Council (WSROC), received feedback from member councils regarding the benefits of professional development training to improve assessment of waste and recycling provisions for high rise and large-scale residential and mixed-use developments. These developments are increasing rapidly in Sydney and there is significant pressure on local councils to facilitate improved waste management and resource recovery.

Elton Consulting was commissioned to design and deliver this training in collaboration with the ROCs and through input of council staff and the NSW EPA.

Training was delivered as two half-day sessions in Parramatta and the Sydney CBD. Both sessions training involved a mix of lectures, hands on activities and a final guest panel to support further discussion on key issues raised. Key topics included: effective use of waste assessment tools such as pre-assessment meetings, conditions of consent and controls, interpreting development plans and waste management plans, and best practice waste infrastructure and management systems.

Participants were highly positive of the course and expressed significant approval for both sessions, reflecting the value of the training for council staff as stated below.

Thanks – terrific response to our confusion and concerns.

They appreciated both the depth of subject matter provided across the two days as well as the mix of presentation, hands on activities and panel discussion.

Hard to pinpoint one thing [that was most useful]. I found the entire session really useful as I don’t have experience with waste referrals and come from amalgamated councils with different DCPs. [Session 1 participant]


Where to start [what was most useful]: Style of conditions of consent, opportunities to put Notes in Determination, problems with eDiverters, coping with densification across the Sydney region.  [Session 2 participant]