Metropolitan facilities planning

Client:WA Government
Location:Western Australia

Elton Consulting was engaged in 2019 to work with a large State government agency regarding future metropolitan facilities. Arising from the Machinery of Government changes in 2017, this relatively new agency is an amalgamation of a number of former departments. Elton Consulting has been supporting the agency to consider and address outdated and legacy asset issues, articulate the facilities required to support up to 1,000 metropolitan based staff and specialist functions, align these with the strategic direction of the organisation, and support future investment decisions by government.

This has involved:

  • tenure, land asset and high-level strategic planning advice
  • engagement with key agency decision makers, including workshop facilitation
  • preparation of documentation required by the State Strategic Asset Management Framework including a Statement of Need, Project Context, and Service Delivery Strategy
  • design and population of data templates for metropolitan assets and services
  • project governance, coordination and internal agency capacity building