Pagewood – Remediation community relations work

Client:RMA Group (Principal Visionary Investment Group)
Location:Pagewood, Sydney

There is increasing demand in Sydney for the residential development of former industrial or commercial sites that are contaminated.

Remediation projects can generate a high level of community concern. It is critical to communicate openly and transparently with the community and stakeholders on contamination history, remediation methodology and monitoring. This approach assists in better informing all of perceived and actual risks presented during the remediation work.

Elton Consulting was engaged by the remediation contractor, RMA to undertake community and stakeholder planning and place management services. Development and implementation of a Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan was critical in establishing effective relationships and communication channels with the community and key stakeholders such as the Department of Education, Pagewood Public School, the local MP, EPA and the Site Auditor.

A thorough understanding of the project team’s monitoring, reporting and remediation methodology greatly assisted in working closely with the team to mitigate and resolve community concerns.