New Parramatta Road is the project to transform the Parramatta Road Corridor

Client:UrbanGrowth NSW
Location:Parramatta, NSW

This project was recently awarded with two awards at the 2018 PIA National Awards – Best Planning Ideas – Large Project Award and the Hard-Won Victory Award.

New Parramatta Road is the project to transform the Parramatta Road Corridor – the land adjoining and at least one block back from the 20-kilometre Parramatta Road, as well as eight identified growth Precincts. The proposed plans to transform the area are included in the draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy. Elton Consulting has enjoyed supporting UrbanGrowth NSW in the development and delivery of the communications and engagement strategy for the release of the draft Strategy. Our Design Studio has also worked closely with UrbanGrowth NSW, turning the 125-page draft Strategy into an interesting and easy to read document.

The consultation for the draft Strategy includes:


The plan for growth and renewal of the corridor over the next 30 years is the product of collaboration between UrbanGrowth NSW, local councils, Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, Department of Planning and Environment, Department of Education and Communities and the Local Health Districts.
The draft Strategy proposes a high quality multi-use corridor with better transport choices and more housing and jobs in line with population growth. The transformation will also deliver improved amenity, with new paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Running for 20 kilometres, the corridor runs through ten Local Government Areas and facilitates about 2.2 million trips a day.

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