Planning a sustainable city – Weddell NT

Client:NT Department of Lands and Planning
Location:Weddell, Northern Territory

Elton Consulting was engaged by the NT Department of Lands and Planning to assist in the creation of a new sustainable city in tropical Weddell.

Using sustainable cities throughout the world as a benchmark but with Weddell’s tropical location and size in mind, the project began with the development of sustainability principles, options and preliminary targets to guide its planning and development as a world-class green city. These principles were then tested with key NT departments and agencies to review them against current Government policy and practice.

Elton Consulting is currently undertaking the next stage of the project. This includes setting sustainability performance benchmarks, testing targets against practical delivery and implementation and undertaking a cost-benefit analysis of sustainability initiatives. Elton is also providing guidance on how sustainability principles can be best implemented through the planning framework and legislation options for Weddell.