Stakeholder engagement and facilitation for Port Beach Coastal Engineering

Client:City of Fremantle
Location:Fremantle, Western Australia

Elton Consulting was engaged to design the stakeholder and community engagement strategy for investigating and evaluating risk management options for managing and mitigating coastal erosion at Port Beach, North Fremantle. This process was supported by a comprehensive online engagement component which ensure the values of the broader community were considered as part of the project’s decision making process.

Our team:

  • established a Stakeholder Reference Group to collaborate with the Project Working Team
  • designed and facilitated a series of workshops to enable the Group to contribute to the planning process
  • provided reporting of each workshop to ensure the process was transparent with the broader community and the requirements of all stakeholders was well understood

This information will eventually form part of a report to be presented to the City of Fremantle Council, for their consideration of the final risk management option.