Stakeholder engagement and facilitation of Climate Action Summit

Client:Shire of Augusta Margaret River
Location:Western Australia

In late 2018, the Shire of Augusta Margaret River approved its Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) to create a whole of community approach to reducing greenhouse emissions and moderate the impacts of climate change on the Shire from an environmental, social, cultural and economic perspective.

The main aim was to develop a process that would reflect the community’s values and implement a plan that would engage with government, business and the community to collectively develop and own a Climate Action Plan.

Our WA team was engaged to design and deliver a consultation process and facilitate stakeholder participation through three pre-summit consultation workshops, that would set the context for a Climate Action Summit and support the desired outcomes the SAC was seeking.

The process included:

  • designing a consultation process (in collaboration with the SAC and the Shire) that engaged over 350 people across nine community forums to develop a range of proposals to set the context for discussions at a Climate Action Summit
  • hosting and facilitating the Climate Action Summit, attended by 100 key stakeholders
  • designing interactive sessions to inspire shared leadership and local action including participation of young people.
  • coordinating Summit presentations including keynote speaker Professor Tim Flannery
  • guiding stakeholders, through use of digital technology, through the process of prioritising and initial planning for a number of key projects that will form the foundation for the community’s inaugural Climate Action Plan