Stockland’s Community Development Programs – McKeachies Run and Brooks Reach

Location:McKeachies Run, Aberglasslyn, NSW; Brooks Reach, Horsley Park, NSW

Community development is about creating social connections between people and places. Stockland, with the assistance of Elton Consulting, have worked with residents from two Stockland communities to design and implement unique and sustainable community development (CD) programs with residents at their heart.

Using social media networks, Elton Consulting promoted the idea of residents coming together and surveyed their initial thoughts. Elton Consulting then worked with over 50 interested residents and facilitated a number of carefully constructed meetings to achieve strategic outcomes for Stockland. At each meeting, residents had the opportunity to get to know each other, brainstorm what they hoped their newly created community could achieve and how they could work together. The result was an  innovative and achievable CD program designed by and for representatives of the community.

Towards the end of the projects, each resident group was empowered to create, promote and deliver a community event that was attended by over 60 local residents. An easy to use community development manual was also developed for each resident group to help them independently run future programs and events. These included event checklists and risk management and fundraising materials.