Strategic advice to pursue affordable housing business opportunities

Client:Various private sector clients

Affordable housing is a complex policy area, characterised by different, and changeable approaches across all three levels of government. Drawing on extensive, contemporary knowledge of the affordable housing industry across Australia and targeted research, Elton Consulting has recently advised a number of private sector clients on social and affordable housing development options and strategy. This has included:

  • Analysis and reporting on potential social housing redevelopment opportunities in each state and territory – with reference to current jurisdictional social housing portfolios, funding opportunities and government housing policies to assess the scope and limits of development potential around Australia
  • Providing assistance to pursue opportunities to develop social and affordable housing in a sustainable and scalable manner – specifically via development of action plans defining priority opportunities and jurisdictions, timeframes, stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Advisory briefings and workshop presentations to clarify issues and options
  • Development of positioning and engagement strategies to assist clients to position effectively in new markets
  • Written advice on site suitability of relevant landholdings
  • Advice on the establishment of strategic partnerships with the community housing industry, including criteria for assessment of potential partners
  • Provision of robust measurement frameworks to assess housing project feasibility