Strategic Waste Infrastructure Planning Project

Client:Department of Environment & Regulation
Location:Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region, WA

Elton Consulting WA (previously Veris Town Planning) was appointed to undertake strategic and statutory planning investigations for the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DER).

The initial part of the project involved a pilot test on developing assessment matrix which would then be used to investigate over 80 industrial areas within the Perth and Peel regions and deliver the findings to DER in a detailed report containing GIS mapping and spatial references.

Primarily the project was to assess the potential suitability for various types of waste facility infrastructure within all existing and future industrial areas in the Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region. The study was a first stage ‘initial pass’ of all industrial areas to determine and provide a recommended rating category for DER to consider a waste facility within these areas. The outcomes of the study were to enable DER to refine its search for suitable sites for various types of waste facilities, where more technical second stage ‘detailed studies’ can occur.

Elton Consulting services included:

  • Due diligence
  • Project management