Taronga Zoo Communications Plan

Client:Taronga Zoo Conservation Society
Location:Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW

Taronga Zoo is one of Australia’s most loved attractions, with around 1.47 million visitors annually. The important Australia Habitat section of the Zoo is soon to be revitalised with Phase 1 to include the delivery of a new overnight conservation experience. Immersed within the Australia Habitat, the Taronga Wildlife Retreat will wrap around a wildlife sanctuary housing platypus, wallabies, koalas, bandicoots, and echidnas. Central to the Retreat experience is the opportunity to learn more about Australian wildlife and the threats they face. It’s hoped visitors will be inspired to become conservation champions.

Elton Consulting was appointed by the Taronga Conservation Society Australia to design, implement and report on the communication and engagement activities related to the Taronga Wildlife Retreat.  The Elton Consulting project team has provided strategic advice and facilitated 22 briefing sessions over three-months to help inform stakeholders about the project aims and gain meaningful feedback to inform the project’s vision. 

The team also undertook door-knocking and letterbox drops, visiting neighbours to introduce the project and provide information on upcoming tours and information sessions.  Other stakeholders from State and Local Government, community, industry and business groups, and Zoo Friends, volunteers, donors and visitors have also been integrally involved throughout the consultation process.