Tenant Relocation Project: Evaluation Report

Client:Housing ACT
Location:Canberra, ACT

Elton Consulting has been engaged by Housing ACT to undertake and independent evaluation of the ACT Government’s Tenant Relocation program.

Elton Consulting employed a range of evaluation techniques to assess the economic, social, and systemic impacts of the program. Key insights were provided through extensive consultation with key stakeholders including tenants, community service providers and staff from Housing ACT.

A benefit cost analysis was also undertaken to establish the expected cost or potential welfare gain of the project thus far and how these impacts affect residents. Weighting was given to impacts based on resident’s experiences, providing more in-depth data for the analysis.

Based on our work, a comprehensive list of key insights and recommendations was provided at the mid-way point of the evaluation to ensure the project continues to excel and be a positive experience for residents.