Urban infill project at Newmarket Green, Randwick

Location:Randwick, NSW

Newmarket Green, Randwick, is an exciting five hectare urban infill project adjacent to the Randwick Hospital and in close proximity to the University. Elton Consulting’s team was engaged to achieve the rezoning of the site by providing project management, planning, strategic communications, consultation services, sustainability review and principles for development.

This included:

  • Preparing the required documentation for the rezoning application. The planning proposal amended the Randwick Local Environmental Plan 2012 in relation to the site’s zoning, height, floor space ratio and heritage controls. It also proposed the introduction of new clauses relating to open space provision.
  • Coordinating the preparation of technical reports including briefs and managing budgets for traffic, infrastructure, geotechnical, arborist, heritage and flooding assessments.
  • Working closely with the Urban Design team to develop a robust and detailed master plan for the site, which formed the basis for a site specific Development Control Plan (DCP).

Elton Consulting was also involved in the preparation and facilitation of an intensive three day Planning and Design Forum to bring together the consultant team, local and state government agencies and key stakeholders to provide input to the master plan for the site.

Community information sessions, a dedicated project website and stakeholder meetings were some of the other consultation activities undertaken.

The NSW Government appointed the Joint Regional Planning Panel as the relevant planning authority to determine the planning proposal. The Joint Regional Planning Panel at the end of 2014 adopted the rezoning for the site. The Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment then adopted and the Newmarket Development Control Plan came into force.

The Newmarket site has since been sold, with the new owners submitting a development application for the redevelopment of the site.