West Belconnen – a vision for sustainable community

Client:ACT Government and The Riverview Group
Location:West Belconnen, ACT

Elton Consulting has been involved with the West Belconnen/Parkwood project since 2007 in a variety of capacities. Initially Elton Consulting provided strategic and planning advice including preparing a Joint Venture justification report for the Riverview Group (TRG) as a catalyst for discussions with the ACT Government on the proposed urban development.

The ACT Government announced in June 2013 that it had entered into a ‘partnership arrangement’ with TRG to commence the development of the West Belconnen area.

The West Belconnen development site is mostly in the north west of the ACT with the northern portion located in the Yass LGA, in NSW. Consultation undertaken since the announcement has found the concurrent rezoning of adjoining NSW land is logical and timely. The development site in NSW is a ‘peninsula’ bounded by the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creeks and is only accessible from the within the ACT.

Elton Consulting has assisted TRG to progress its proposal to develop a sustainable community of international significance in the nation’s capital.

Facilitated by Elton Consulting, the project’s inception meeting was a major milestone, bringing together 38 individual consultancies to familiarise them with the site and to learn more about the vision for West Belconnen, particularly the goal of achieving 6 stars as a Green Star Communities Pilot Project.

Elton Consulting is continuing its involvement in the West Belconnen Project. Work to date includes providing a range of stakeholder and community engagement services such as social media management, website design, management of large scale engagement and public relations events.

Our team of consultants prepared a comprehensive Community Plan, including the development of an affordable housing strategy and a Sustainability Management System.

Our consultants have also established a governance framework and prepared a business case for the Conservation Trust.

Work on the project includes the complexities of navigating two state government planning processes, with rezoning required in both the ACT and NSW. In addition, an amendment to the National Capital Plan is also required.

Under TRG’s Agreement with the ACT Government, infrastructure and services to allow for the development to cross the border into NSW will be provided by the ACT.