Communications and Engagement for Western Sydney Airport

Client:Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (current); Essence Communications for the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (2014 – 2017)
Location:Badgerys Creek, NSW

Elton Consulting works with the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities to deliver communications and engagement activities to support the Western Sydney Airport project. The Western Sydney Airport represents one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Australia for decades, involving collaboration between all levels of government and across the private sector and various industries.

We work collaboratively with the Western Sydney Unit in the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities to provide strategic advice and deliver proactive and bespoke solutions for managing emerging issues and harnessing opportunities. This has included:

  • overarching communications and engagement strategy and any updates, as required
  • ongoing implementation of various aspects of the strategy
  • place management for site transition
  • media strategy and analysis
  • event management
  • digital media strategies.

In partnership with Essence Communications, this work (delivered between 2014 and 2017) has supported the planning process for Stage 1 development, and preparation of the site for handover to the airport developer and operator. Services are currently provided by Elton Consulting to support the delivery phase of Stage 1 development.