Strategic and statutory planning work and stakeholder engagement for Yowani Grounds

Client:Yowani Country Club and TP Dynamics
Location:Lyneham, ACT

The Yowani Country Club (Yowani) was established in 1954 and provides high quality golf and bowls services to its members and the general public. Yowani was once rated amongst the top 50 golf courses in the country and is still regarded as an excellent inland golf course.

Elton Consulting has recently been appointed to undertake the strategic and statutory planning work along with stakeholder engagement of this significant site.

The master plan will deliver a diversity of housing, a central mixed-use core and new facilities associated with the Yowani Country Club functions. The Yowani Grounds urban village adopts a pedestrian first approach.  This has been considered in the design to ensure the most sustainable, vibrant and healthy community possible. Access and activation of the light rail corridor has also been key to the planning of Yowani Grounds.

Yowani Grounds will deliver new and excellent urban outcomes for the corridor, be commercially attractive and viable, and will support staged development that affords appropriate and diverse mixed uses of a high quality.