Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Our capabilities include the design and conduct of targeted social and market research studies that effectively respond to key questions of interest to our clients and communities. Further to this, research and analysis is a fundamental component of our social planning projects. It forms the foundation from which decisions and recommendations can confidently be made, based on evidence and insights.

We have specific skills and expertise delivering qualitative and quantitative research including:

  • social and market research and evaluation
  • research-led engagement
  • social media research
  • strategy and policy advice
  • stakeholder engagement and deliberative processes
  • online and digital research and engagement
  • demographic analysis and GIS mapping
  • digital analytics
  • human-centred design and behavioural science research

Quantitative researchQuantitative research

When you need to understand the perspectives of a large number of stakeholders or customers, we can design and deliver targeted survey research to meet your specific information needs. We create engaging surveys that can be used to collect high quality data. We utilise machine learning to analyse large scale datasets and deliver meaningful insights, even within constrained timeframes.

Qualitative researchQualitative research

Deep enquiry, listening with curiousity and an understanding of the importance of language are hallmarks of our qualitative research. Depth interviews, focus groups, walk throughs, diary and observational studies are used to explore participant perspectives and behaviours. We also conduct deliberative engagement and co-design workshops.

Content knowledge and expertiseContent knowledge and expertise

From social infrastructure, place making and housing, to environment, infrastructure and transport, our knowledge area experts play an important role in the research design phase through to interpretation and development of insights. Strategic advisory is critical to ensure that research results can be practically applied to achieve your organisational objectives. We work collaboratively with clients to make sense of research data and develop high value recommendations.

Research to support communications and engagementResearch to support communications and engagement

Communications and engagement strategies are only as good as our understanding of the perspectives and preferences of the communities and stakeholders they are designed to reach. We develop targeted strategies that respond to the specific attributes and aspirations of people and place, to ensure that communications and engagement processes achieve cut through and enable prioritisation of resources. We use an evidence based approach to research-led engagement to develop strategies that go beyond what is ‘known’. Our strategies align with leading practice in research and engagement. They are designed to effectively manage risk and explore opportunities, in order to support positive outcomes for clients and communities.

Research to support strategy and policy developmentResearch to support strategy and policy development

Our strategy and policy team relies on high quality data and insights. We regularly undertake desktop, stakeholder and community research to inform the development of evidence based strategies and policies. This includes social and economic analysis as part of reviews and evaluations, place making studies, cost benefit studies, workforce engagement and progress reports involving qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources.