Social Impact Assessment: the Elton Consulting approach

Over the past ten years Elton Consulting has established a reputation for preparing SIAs as part of our Social Sustainability practice, led by Steve Rossiter.  We believe SIA to be an integral component of the environmental impact assessment process and one that requires a careful approach.

Why might you need to prepare a SIA?

  • you may need to comply with state or federal legal requirements for address the social considerations of development
  • you may be required to submit a SIA by the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for your proposal
  • your project may be in a Local Government Area whose planning policy requires a SIA
  • SIA conducted early in the project design process will identify and manage significant project risks and help avoid subsequent costly delays or penalties.

How Elton Consulting can help:

  • our holistic perspective to SIA means we consider the big picture and recommend realistic mitigation strategies which we can supplement with a management and evaluation plan. We apply a precautionary approach to our assessments clearly identifying concerns and opportunities that may arise from any change
  • we have a detailed appreciation for proportionality and the different levels of SIA appropriate for projects of varying scales. We have undertaken the full range of SIA from relatively basic to comprehensive. We can recommend a tailored approach with the ability to adapt response depth according to project timelines and complexity
  • we apply our experience in delivering planning approvals for a diverse range of infrastructure and development projects. We have access to in-house expertise across urban and social planning, sustainability, social impact measurement, social research, communications and engagement and strategy development that can be used throughout the project cycle
  • we combine the principles of corporate social responsibility to the practice of SIA in the context of maintaining and improving your social licence to operate.
Steve Rossiter
Director, Social Sustainability
Felicity Richards
Senior Project Manager, Social Sustainability