Bid Strategy and Preparation

The team at Elton Consulting are experienced managers of bid strategy and preparation. We will work with you to develop a compelling, compliant and winning bid.

We specialise in creating winning tender responses that:

  • are compliant with government procurement processes
  • are robust and engaging – even with short turnaround times to deliver them
  • position your business and your offer
  • reduce the time commitment needed from your staff

Our team is used to working on large, complex projects in highly competitive environments. These include ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ infrastructure and major land releases around Australia.

The Bid Strategy and Preparation area is led by Deborah Palmer. Our services in this area include:

DS_Print_pub_V1Tender analysis and project scoping

We are specialist bid managers and project managers. We work with your team in a comprehensive analysis of the bid documentation and develop a process and action plan to deliver the winning bid on time. In this stage we establish the roles and responsibilities of each member of the bid team and develop the bid program. We support this with bid management throughout the tender period.

DS_Dig_Des_V1Bid strategy, facilitation and partnerships

Competitive advantage is defined once the technical aspects of the bid have been thoroughly analysed. Typically, we will facilitate a bid strategy workshop to determine the key issues and develop the messages and strategies for the bid that go beyond the key evaluation criteria. We will work in partnership with you to create the best structure for the response to meet the tender evaluation requirements.

DS_Bid_des_V1Document drafting and management

We have a team of experienced writers who both generate text and edit the words generated by your team so the document has ‘one voice’. We can help identify gaps, weaknesses and issues to be addressed in your response and clearly set out what differentiates your offer. Our graphic design team ensures an attractive, professional and readable package is delivered to the tender box.

Throughout the bid period, our capable team works with you to address issues as they arise and enable your staff to focus on their work.


View our Bid Strategy and Preparation capability statement.